Friday, 10 October 2008

Autumn colours

my first post of the month :),

i have been making some birthdays cards for the Paper Dolly's

I decide to keep with the Autumn feel

love the orange texture card
last weekend we had a very busy weekend
my sister in law took part on GREAT NORTH RUN - 13.1 miles
she done 13.1 miles in 2h 22m 20s .well done Johanne
we all proud of you , she was supporting the National Autistic Society
Because my 5 year old niece is autistic ,
she can’t talk yet and gets frustrated
when people don’t understand her,
she points to tell you what she wants ,
she is such a lovely little girl .

hope you all have a good weekend whatever you do .

thank you for stopping by


Emma said...

Oh wow your sister did so well!
Joana this card is really stunning. I love autumn colours. All the trees in the wood behind my house have just changed to these beautiful colours. Hope you are ok. Hugs Em.x

Sammi said...

Oooh.. love the autumn colours!! Great job!!
Your sister did great :)

Ann said...

Joana I love the colours-what a beautiful card!! xx


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