Saturday, 6 March 2010

Gypsy :)

Hi , hope you all had a good week mine wasn’t, very good I had tons of work , I would say Wednesday was one of my most frustrating and exciting days , where I done lots of work but felt like I dint get anywhere , I end up putting everything away , I’m sure a lot of you have days like that after given up for the day I heard a knock at my door went to open to find a parcel delivery man , I sign for it wondering what was on it , I had the box open in supernova speed to find a Gypsy , WOW i went strait to the computer to do all the up loads and registration dint take very long to do all and I also updated the cricut super easy just had to pay a little attention to write the versions down after that I was ready to go . As you can see from the picture I left the screen protector on . I have had a little bit of a play manage to do two projects I design them first on the Gypsy then went over to the cricut to cut ,after loading the paper I was able to go and do other things ( Cant show them at the moment …. ) but I would say to does o have a cricut Gypsy is a good extension/add on to your die cut system I’m still learning but happy with it :)

enjoy the rest of your weekend
thanks for stopping by

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Macpurp said...

oh i dont know gypsy but looks interesting. hope you have lots of fun with it,
love tina x


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