Thursday 2 June 2011

what a lovely day :)

Just got back from a bike ride and survived yuuuuupppy  lol  . My second time on the bike this year  i had to go for 6 miles   ,only takes 6minutes in car a life time in the bike LOL gosh  a felt so unfit on the last two miles i had a cramp on my leg  ouch . My youngest was with me  I'm super proud of him for managing  to do it  ,he din't even complaining  over the heat :) 
we  did stop at the church  and took some photos .

    As part of the Millennium Celebrations in the year 2000 every household in whalton Village  was given a disposable camera so that each family could record images of what of what whalton meant to them .The result were exhibited in the Village Hall
A duplicate set of photographic prints was made and section of these photographs were used by Ian Johnson Broomhill to produce the montage of Christ.  The  whole collage consists of over two thousand eight hundred and fifty individual pieces
Grandad took some photos of my eldest son when he was over at his  , and the photos made the board 

Michaels photo is  part of the greenery and grandad's is part of his face i think it looks amazing 

what do you think ?? 

Big HUg 


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